Letters & Riddles ~ Clue Number Three

Posted on February 13, 2014 | 1 comment

Your Thursday delivery is here! Clue number three awaits you below, but first– if you’ve just stumbled upon this game of riddles and letters, click here to learn what its all about and catch up on the week’s journey so far. Clues one and two are live and open for entry as well.

And finally, don’t forget– come back tomorrow (Friday) to find out the story behind the three answers from these riddles, to see who won the locket, and to discover the memento I’ve created just for you!



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1 Comment

  1. Happy Valentine’s Eve, Amanda!

    Almost midnight here in Ky., as I finish all 3 of the riddles – should be almost 9 p.m. where you are ??, but think my comment on the clue # 1 post showed the time as 4:40 a.m. 2/14. Sorry I’m so late – a busy week for me! Probably NO way my clues are correct, but this was fun – as always! EVERYTHING you do is always SUPERB!! THANK YOU – hope your Valentine Day is awesome, and full of love and surprising treats!! Sending you a hug!!

    P.S. I posted the game on Facebook tonight – but it may have been TOO late for anyone to enter?? SORRY!!