It’s music to the heart, don’t you think?


The cracking open of a well-loved book, ages-old and brimming with stories–

those written on the page, and those of the hands that have held the little volume over the years.

Stories take on a life all their own, don’t they?

…and some stories– one in particular– give life.

It is the Author of that life-giving story who’s brought us together here,

Who knows just what’s on your heart today.

I hope this quiet corner of the web will be a refuge for you– a place to meet Him,

whether in the lines of a blog post or the words of a book,

and to know:

He authored you. Every detail of you. With purpose, with such love.

and whatever page of your story is unfolding even as we sit here sharing screen space,

what a gift to share it with you now.

Thank you for visiting!


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